Join us on a tour to the mythical Mocucune Island. The Island is well known because of its traditions kept over the centuries. The islands name comes from the word Nguhu – a local tree whose shade was used by the leaders during traditional ceremonies and local meetings.
Get on the dhow and relax for a 20 minute boat ride to/from the island. Get a glimpse at school life when we pass the local school, have a refresco (soft drink) at the bar and a chat with the people who live on the island. Visit the local bakery where you can taste the oven-fresh bread and learn the way bread is made in Inhambane. Visit one of the oldest Muslim Cemeteries in Mozambique and talk with a local family.
Taste the local specialties on a traditional lunch, home cooked and prepared by the community on the island. Try dishes such as Matapa and Frango Amendoin. What is it? Join us and you’ll find out.
Walk through the bay, as the tides make it possible for us to do so. See some crabs running around your feet, feel the Indian Ocean breeze on your skin, and take in the sites and sounds of this unique experience.
To bring: camera, sunglasses, sunscreen, hat, summer or fresh clothes...
It is essential to book one day in advance!

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