About us

TIC TAC is a young and local company with more than seven years experience in Inhambane tourism. We are linked to ESHTI, the tourism university in Inhambane and our team is Sergio, Francisco, Xavier, Sofia and our friends and families. TIC TAC is also part of a local travel agent, called Terra Agua Ceu lda.
Visit us at our office and souvenir shop on Tofo market. It will be a pleasure to meet you.

Discover Tofo Beach

Meet Sergio

Sergio was born in Beira, the sencond largest city in Mozambique, where he grew up living with his parents and family.
He studied at the Eduardo Mondlane University in Inhambane and gruatuaded in 2010, specialised in the buisiness of tourist information and activity management.
Sergio was always passionated on helping the local communities through substainable tourism and found on the creation of TIC TAC the answer of his desire! Today he is CO-owner and director of TIC TAC.

Meet Francisco

Francisco was born in 1963 in Zavala, Mozambique. He lived, studied and worked in Germany, Kuba, South Africa and Mozambique. His language skills are English, Portugues, German, Spanish and he is really experienced in Mozambique.
Francisco is one of the owners of TIC TAC and is doing the main transfers. He is happy to meet you at the TIC TAC shop or on the road.

Meet Xavier

Xavier was born in Beira Town, in the center of Mozambique. He is formed in tourism in specility of entertainment tourism in Escola Superior de Hotelaria e Tourismo de Inhambane. He is a nice character and a music enthuisiast.
You will meet him at the TICTAC shop where he is often jamming the guitar.

Meet Sofia

Sophia was born in Maputo, the capital of Mozambique. She studied Tourism Animation at the tourism University in Inhambane. Sophia is a lover of diving, ocean safaris, soul and rap music. In her freetime Sophia likes to watch movies. She is also very passionate for beautiful beaches and Tofo is one of them. Come and visit our TIC TAC- shop and you will get to know her.

Discover Tofo

The small fishing village of Tofo beach is located on the eastern shores of the Inhambane Peninsula between the Indian Ocean and a small inland reed – lake system. This small town has a unique “island style” atmosphere, with a great mixture of a local market, local arts and positive Latin vibes. The crystal clear waters and white sand beaches attract holiday makers, backpackers, scuba divers and relaxation seekers from around the globe.
Inhambane peninsula is the headland between the bay of Inhambane and the Indian Ocean. The Inhambane peninsula is home to the Bitonga tribe with stunning beaches, amazing landscapes and a very interesting and open culture. The city of Inhambane is the capital of the Inhambane province and a pearl on the indian ocean shores. Explore the peninsula and enjoy paradise.